Taylor of Old Bond Street Lemon and Lime Shave Cream
Lemon and Lime Shave Cream
List Price: $16.95
Gold Seal Captain Jack
List Price: $19.99
150g 30ml
Havana Dreams Humidor
Havana Dreams
List Price: $325.00
Made from rich Bubinga, 100% handcrafted from these exotic handpicked pieces of wood with outstanding wood grain patterns. Teak inlays which show extreme details and colour, black highlights of green, throughout the top, front and sides of this humidor.


  • Hand Crafted in beautiful Bubinga with Teak inlays
  • High gloss mirror and multiple lacquer finish (20 coats)
  • Brass hinges and hardware
  • 2 brass keys with brass lock signature Cigar Star Logo
  • Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar
  • 2 Spanish cedar movable dividers
  • Amazing inlay on front, top and back of humidor
  • 1 large easy recharge humidifier system brass faced
  • 1 hygrometer placed on outside front humidor
  • 1 removable Spanish cedar tray
  • Spanish cedar air flow rack on bottom of humidor
  • Felt bottom

  • 7 3/4" height
  • 15" length
  • 10" width

XIKAR PUROFINEā„¢ Premium Butane

Jet flame lighters are the fighter planes of lighters. They require the highest quality butane. Anything else is just like putting diesel fuel into an F-16. That is why XIKAR researched and found the highest quality butane available for its PUROFINEā„¢ Premium Butane. Purofine's low level of impurities (less than 15 parts per million!) help keep your lighter functioning properly for years of use.

  • Use in all XIKAR lighters
  • Near zero impurities
  • Less than 30 parts per million impurities
  • Won't cause clogged burner valves or misfires


Joya Red Canonazo

List Price: $16.99
Joya Red
Length: 5 1/2", Ring: 54, Strength: Medium

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