Cigar of the Month April 2018

New World Puro Especial

The all-Nicaraguan blend was developed by A.J. Fernandez and his father, Ismael, over the course of several years. For the wrapper, Fernandez chose Criollo '98 tobacco grown on the company's San José farm. Tobaccos from La Soledad were blended to crop up flavor, while tobacco cultivated on the La Providencia farm contributed to the cigar's desired aroma.



(5 1/2 x 52)

eShave After Shave Soother Orange Sandalwood Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oils Shaving Cream Executive Edge Humidor
Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oils Shaving Cream
List Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $47.99
YOU SAVE: $12.00
Executive Edge Humidor
List Price: $160.00
6 oz. 200ml
Taylor of Old Bond Street Cedarwood Shaving Cream Jack Daniels Flask Gift Set Alec Bradley Bump Ashtray London Ontario Canada
Cedarwood Shave Cream
List Price: $22.00
Alec Bradley Bump Ashtray
List Price: $49.99
150g Officially licensed product; Authentic product Holds up to 4 cigars
Lotus Discretion Regal Red Flame Quad Torch Lighter Regal Triplex Torch Lighter
Lotus Discretion
List Price: $78,521,326,544,544.00
Single Torch Lighter This torch lighter by Regal has four jet flames which glow a beautiful red. Super value in this elegant tri-torch lighter!
Quad Table Cutter Aspire Nautilus Replacement Atomizer XIKAR X8 Mesh Cutter
Quad Table Cutter
List Price: $120.00
XIKAR X8 Mesh Cutter
List Price: $67.99
All Stainless Cast Body.
Two Straight Cutters (50 & 60 ring).
Two V-Cutters (52 & 58 ring).
Surgical Stainless Steel Blade

Come into Baracoa and you'll see this on our sales counter, is has been making hundreds of great cuts since the store opened.
BVC "Bottom Vertical Coil" For a real smooth cut. Lifetime warranty.


Brick House Sampler

List Price: $57.99
Brick House Sampler
Rated 92 in Cigar Aficionado

Contains four premium Cigars:
  1. Churchill 7x47
  2. Corona Larga 6 1/4x46
  3. Toro 6x50
  4. Robusto 5x50

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