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Covid-19 mitigation rules will be in full force:

-Mask wearing encouraged 

-please come on your own (anyone under 19 is prohibited from entering)

-max two customers in store at a time, social distance markings on floor

-hand sanitizer provided and mandatory if you want to handle product, gloves are ok only if they are brand new and put on IN THE STORE and not before you come in

PICK UP ORDER service still available if you don't want to enter store


*Outside the City shipping available please call

*Visa or MC preferred, EMT for pick up orders



Aspire PockeX AIO, Vape Pen, Sub Ohm Cigar Ashtray Lotus CEO Triple Flame Torch Lighter
Aspire PockeX AIO
List Price: $37.50
Single Cigar Ashtray Black
List Price: $19.99
Lotus CEO Torch Lighter
List Price: $69.95
All in One Starter Kit For one cigar of any size. The Lotus CEO is a triple flame lighter with a convenient triple slide ignition button with rubber grips allows you to light your cigar in seconds.  Not only is the CEO quick and precise, it has a built-in 7mm cigar punch, a slide fuel level gauge, and a large flame adjuster to be able to light your cigar anywhere.  This sleek wind-resistant torch flame comes in a Lotus box perfect for gifting to the cigar enthusiast.
The Showcase II Bubinga Humidor Cigar Sculpture The Stinky Ashtray
Cigar Sculpture
List Price: $100.00
The Stinky Ashtray
List Price: $50.00

This beautiful Exotic BUBINGA Cigar humidor with Spanish cedar inlay inside and beautiful matte finish on the outside. Exotic BUBINGA wood, cherry red in colour and is accented with a see through glass lid to show case your fine cigars to others.

  • Wood Base
  • 26" tall
  • Hand Painted
  • Tall Model "Box Pressed"
  • 4 1/4" Deep Bowl (Windproof)
  • 4 Stirrups
  • Floats in pool or spa
  • Stainless Steel
Cigar Star Heavy Duty Cutter Gold JUUL, JUULpod, JUULpods, JUUL pod, JUUL cartridge, Fruit, Fruit Melody Lotus Jaws Cutter
Lotus Jaws Cutter (Black)
List Price: $49.95
Cigar cutters with double guillotine blades that are self-sharpening will endure that when you use them to cut the cap of your cigar that it will ensure a clean smooth cut, for a perfect draw! Pack of 4
  • Sharp serrated blades
  • 62 Ring gauge
  • Double action stainless steel blades
  • All metal housing

Chicago Comb Pro Active Sports Cigar Minder Regal Red Flame Quad Torch Lighter
Model No.1 Matte with Sheath Pro Active Sports Cigar Minder is the all-purpose Cigar Minder for golfers on the move, can clip onto your golf cart or bag and fits a 60 ring gauge cigar comfortably. Keep your cigar dry and away from contact with harmful chemicals and bacteria. This torch lighter by Regal has four jet flames which glow a beautiful red.


Cigar Aficionado Magazine - Most Recent Issue

more info
List Price: $6.95
Cigar Aficionado Magazine - Most Recent Issue
March/April 2020 Issue: Charles Barkley Speaks His Mind

Still Available: Top 25 Cigars of The Year 2019

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