Cigars of the Month

September 2018

Crowned Head Cigars

Le Careme Robusto

5 x 50 box pressed 

Medium - Dominican

$14.44 ea.

Jericho Hill Robusto

4.7 x 52 box pressed

Med/Full - Nicaraguan

$14.66 ea.

Cubita Coffee Ground - 230g Mr. Natty Famous Beard Elixir Beard Oil Quad Table Cutter
Quad Table Cutter
List Price: $120.00
8ml All Stainless Cast Body.
Two Straight Cutters (50 & 60 ring).
Two V-Cutters (52 & 58 ring).
Surgical Stainless Steel Blade

Come into Baracoa and you'll see this on our sales counter, is has been making hundreds of great cuts since the store opened.
Castle Forbes 1445 Moisturizing Aftershave Balm Cohiba Ashtray Simpson's Shave Brush 46 Berkeley
Castle Forbes 1445 Moisturizing Aftershave Balm
List Price: $74.99
New Sale Price: $59.99
YOU SAVE: $15.00
Cohiba Large Ashtray
List Price: $99.99
150ml Fits four cigars The Berkeley 46 is packed with Simpson's Pure Badger with good density. Pure badger hair is high quality hair with all the benefits of badger but without the price tag. It will whip up a frothy lather for multiple passes.

On the smaller side of brushes, the handle is still comfortable and looks classy. It is lathe-turned, faux ivory with a non-slip bevel to help with grip in wet environments. And it is stamped with the Simpson's logo so you know you are getting quality.

Colour: Faux Ivory
Total Height: 90mm
Bristle Loft: 45mm
Knot Dia: 20mm
Simpson Shave Brush B1 Beaufort Pure Badger Taylor of Old Bond Street Luxury Aftershave Cream--Jermyn Street Simpson's Peppermint & Rosemary Shave Cream
Pure Badger For Sensitive Skin, 75 ml 125 ml
Simpson's Shave Cream Vanilla & Rose Cigar Sculpture Castle Forbes Shave Cream Lavender Essential Oil
Cigar Sculpture
List Price: $90.00
Castle Forbes Shaving Cream Lavender Essential Oil
List Price: $59.99
New Sale Price: $47.99
YOU SAVE: $12.00
  • Wood Base
  • 26" tall
  • Hand Painted


Cigar Aficionado Magazine - Most Recent Issue

List Price: $6.95
Cigar Aficionado Magazine - Most Recent Issue
September/October 2018 Issue

Alex Rodriguez

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