New from Cigar Star!

Featuring a front mounted digital hygrometer. 

6″ in height

13″ in length

9″ in width

Includes crystal humidifier, free solution and free in house seasoning.

$160.00 +tx*

*Cigars in humidor not included.

Cigar Sculpture Cigar Star Travel Humidor Waterproof Crushproof 15 Cigars Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College Aftershave Lotion
Cigar Sculpture
List Price: $100.00
  • Wood Base
  • 26" tall
  • Hand Painted
Fits 15 cigars 100 ml Lotion
Quad Table Cutter Taylor of Old Bond Street Luxury Aftershave Gel--Sandalwood Executive Edge 2.0 Humidor
Quad Table Cutter
List Price: $120.00
Executive Edge 2.0 Humidor
List Price: $170.00
All Stainless Cast Body.
Two Straight Cutters (50 & 60 ring).
Two V-Cutters (52 & 58 ring).
Surgical Stainless Steel Blade

Come into Baracoa and you'll see this on our sales counter, is has been making hundreds of great cuts since the store opened.
75 ml
Lotus CEO Triple Flame Torch Lighter Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Stinky Cone Floor Ashtray
Lotus CEO Torch Lighter
List Price: $69.95
Peppermint Shave Cream
List Price: $23.00
Stink Cone Floor Ashtray
List Price: $75.00
The Lotus CEO is a triple flame lighter with a convenient triple slide ignition button with rubber grips allows you to light your cigar in seconds.  Not only is the CEO quick and precise, it has a built-in 7mm cigar punch, a slide fuel level gauge, and a large flame adjuster to be able to light your cigar anywhere.  This sleek wind-resistant torch flame comes in a Lotus box perfect for gifting to the cigar enthusiast. 150g
  • Holds 8 Cigars
  • The top part is completely removable for easy cleaning
  • 24" High
The Stinky Ashtray Caseti Wedge V Cutter Taylor of Old Bond Street Cedarwood Shaving Cream
The Stinky Ashtray
List Price: $50.00
Caseti Wedge V Cutter
List Price: $70.00
Cedarwood Shave Cream
List Price: $23.00
  • Tall Model "Box Pressed"
  • 4 1/4" Deep Bowl (Windproof)
  • 4 Stirrups
  • Floats in pool or spa
  • Stainless Steel
Wedge V Cutter 150g


Cigar Star Travel Humidor Waterproof Crushproof for 5 cigars

more info
List Price: $30.00
Cigar Star Travel Humidor Waterproof Crushproof for 5 cigars
Fits 5 Cigars

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