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February 2020

Ramon Allones 

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(No. 2 Cigar Top 25 Cigar Aficionado 2015)


Caseti Wedge V Cutter Executive Edge 2.0 Humidor Cigar Ashtray
Caseti Wedge V Cutter
List Price: $70.00
Executive Edge 2.0 Humidor
List Price: $170.00
Single Cigar Ashtray Black
List Price: $19.99
Wedge V Cutter For one cigar of any size.
Regal Red Flame Quad Torch Lighter Java Road Warrior Set 14oz Heritage 2.0 Cigar Humidor, Humidor with Boveda,  Boveda Pack
Java Road Warrior Set 14oz
List Price: $24.99
Heritage 2.0 Cigar Humidor
List Price: $168.00
This torch lighter by Regal has four jet flames which glow a beautiful red. Set includes the stainless steel Java Mug filled with a flashlight, tire gauge, and silver Colonnade Twist Pen in an EVA foam insert. 14oz.  Comes with a black gift box. One of the most beautiful woods to work with. Walnut Burl is a valuable wood for woodworkers and artists who enjoy working with such a unique and uncommon wood. No two pieces of walnut burl will be alike. Each Heritage 2.0 humidor is one of a kind!


  • Hand crafted from unique hand selected walnut burl
  • Dome shape lid
  • Hi gloss mirror and multiple lacquers finish (20 coats)
  • Brass hinges and hardware
  • Signature Cigar Star keyhole lock and key
  • Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar
  • One movable Spanish cedar deivider
  • Pull out drawer for cigar accessory storage
  • Two 84% Boveda seasoning packs
  • Two 72% Boveda packs for easy hassle free humidity control
  • Felt Bottom

  • 4 3/4" in height
  • 10" length
  • 8 3/4" in width

Grid Ashtray Large Vertigo V-Cutter Black Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College Aftershave Lotion
Grid Ashtray Large
List Price: $99.99
Vertigo V-Cutter Black
List Price: $9.99
  • 10" x 10"
  • Pewter Ashtray
  • Large Grid Design
  • Top Removes to empty ash
  • Excellent for Bars/Patios
  • Excellent for multiple users
  • Made in Mexico
Attractive plastic V-Cut will handle cigar caps up to 52 Ring Gauge.

100 ml Lotion
The Showcase II Bubinga Humidor Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl Cigar Star Travel Humidor Waterproof Crushproof 15 Cigars

This beautiful Exotic BUBINGA Cigar humidor with Spanish cedar inlay inside and beautiful matte finish on the outside. Exotic BUBINGA wood, cherry red in colour and is accented with a see through glass lid to show case your fine cigars to others.

100g Fits 15 cigars


Cigar Aficionado Magazine - Most Recent Issue

more info
List Price: $6.95
Cigar Aficionado Magazine - Most Recent Issue
January/February Issue: 2019 Cigar of the Year!

Still Available: November/December 2019

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