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December 2019

EP Carrillo New Wave Brilliantes

On Sale: $14.00 ea


Dominican Rep.


JUULpod, JUULpods, JUUL, Virginia Tobacco, Tobacco, JUUL pod Cubita Coffee Ground - 230g Havana Dreams Humidor
JUULpods Virginia Tobacco
List Price: $20.99
Havana Dreams
List Price: $349.95
Pack of 4 100 Count
Taylor of Old Bond Street Cedarwood Shaving Cream Boketto Optical Illusion Humidor Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College Aftershave Lotion
Cedarwood Shave Cream
List Price: $23.00
Boketto Humidor
List Price: $220.00
  • Made from Natural Maple laser cut inlay marquetry design.
  • Optical illusion made from wood!
  • High gloss mirror and multiple lacquer finish
  • Brass hinges and hardware
  • Fully lined with premium kiln dried Spanish cedar
  • 1 Spanish cedar removable tray
  • Solid Spanish cedar airflow grate on bottom
  • 2 removable Spanish cedar dividers
  • 1 Spanish Cedar Boveda Holder
  • 2 72% Boveda packets to keep cigars at optimal RH
  • 1 large easy-read analog hygrometer placed underneath lid
  • Lock and key
  • Felt bottom for scratch resistance
  • Height 6"
  • Width 9.25"
  • Length 13.5"
  • Holds approximately 100-200 cigars depending on cigar size
100 ml Lotion
Stinky Cone Floor Ashtray Quad Table Cutter The Stinky Ashtray
Stink Cone Floor Ashtray
List Price: $75.00
Quad Table Cutter
List Price: $120.00
The Stinky Ashtray
List Price: $50.00
  • Holds 8 Cigars
  • The top part is completely removable for easy cleaning
  • 24" High
All Stainless Cast Body.
Two Straight Cutters (50 & 60 ring).
Two V-Cutters (52 & 58 ring).
Surgical Stainless Steel Blade

Come into Baracoa and you'll see this on our sales counter, is has been making hundreds of great cuts since the store opened.
  • Tall Model "Box Pressed"
  • 4 1/4" Deep Bowl (Windproof)
  • 4 Stirrups
  • Floats in pool or spa
  • Stainless Steel
Regal Triplex Torch Lighter Lotus Condor Pipe Lighter Java Road Warrior Set 14oz
Lotus Condor Pipe Lighter
List Price: $49.95
Java Road Warrior Set 14oz
List Price: $24.99
Super value in this elegant tri-torch lighter!
This lighter fores from the side with an easily accessible trigger.  The Condor features the piezo-electric ignition system and also includes a tamper, pick, and scraper to make it an all in one pipe accessory. Set includes the stainless steel Java Mug filled with a flashlight, tire gauge, and silver Colonnade Twist Pen in an EVA foam insert. 14oz.  Comes with a black gift box.


Cigar Star Travel Humidor Waterproof Crushproof for 5 cigars

more info
List Price: $30.00
Cigar Star Travel Humidor Waterproof Crushproof for 5 cigars
Fits 5 Cigars

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