Cigars of the Month

September 2018

Crowned Head Cigars

Le Careme Robusto

5 x 50 box pressed 

Medium - Dominican

$14.44 ea.

Jericho Hill Robusto

4.7 x 52 box pressed

Med/Full - Nicaraguan

$14.66 ea.

Regal Triplex Torch Lighter Simpson's Peppermint & Rosemary Shave Cream Fila Ball Cap with Baracoa Tobacconist Logo Black
Super value in this elegant tri-torch lighter!
125 ml Adjustable Black Fila Ball cap with mesh.  
Castle Forbes Cedarwood and Sandalwood Essential Oil Shaving Cream Cigar Star Treasured Memories Cigar Humidor Stinky Cone Floor Ashtray
Castle Forbes Cedarwood and Sandalwood Essential Oil Shaving Cream
List Price: $59.99
New Sale Price: $47.99
YOU SAVE: $12.00
Stink Cone Floor Ashtray
List Price: $75.00
200ml 150 count
  • Holds 8 Cigars
  • The top part is completely removable for easy cleaning
  • 24" High
eShave After Shave Soother White Skin Alec Bradley Bump Ashtray London Ontario Canada Executive Twist Punch Cutter
Alec Bradley Bump Ashtray
List Price: $49.99
Executive Twist Punch Cutter
List Price: $16.99
New Sale Price: $18.00
6.oz Holds up to 4 cigars The classic twist punch. Available in two colours.
Lotus Jaws Cutter Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College Aftershave Lotion Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream
Lotus Jaws Cutter (Black)
List Price: $49.95
Peppermint Shave Cream
List Price: $22.00
  • Sharp serrated blades
  • 62 Ring gauge
  • Double action stainless steel blades
  • All metal housing

100 ml Lotion 150g


Palio Cigar Cutter

List Price: $59.99
Palio Cigar Cutter

Meticulously crafted for ultimate precision. Palio is the ideal complement to your finest hand-rolled cigars. With Palio, you can be sure that even the most valuable cigars in your collection will be prepared to your exacting specifications.

The Palio Cutter Offers:
  • Remarkable sharpness compared to other leading cutters
  • Ergonomic design for a smooth, effortless cut
  • Contoured cigar holder for convenience
  • Detent position for safety
  • Large cutter opening

From subtle and sophisticated to bold and brash, there is a Palio style to suit every aficionado.

Solid colours, unique prints, and touchable textures create an exciting and impactful presentation.

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