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Triangular Ashtray with Cutter CAO World Sampler - 4pack Quad Table Cutter
CAO World Sampler - 4pack
List Price: $58.99
Quad Table Cutter
List Price: $120.00
This ashtray has been hand crafted in a beautiful cherry colour matte finish with a detailed leather wrap with contrast stitching around the ashtray. A unique look as this ashtray has a slot for the cutter to slide into.

Accommodates three cigars. Nice deep center for the ash. Easy cleaning with a removable stainless steel tray.


7 1/2" Long
7 1/2" Width
1 1/2" Thick
Travel around the world with this sampler from CAO. All Stainless Cast Body.
Two Straight Cutters (50 & 60 ring).
Two V-Cutters (52 & 58 ring).
Surgical Stainless Steel Blade

Come into Baracoa and you'll see this on our sales counter, is has been making hundreds of great cuts since the store opened.
Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Aftershave Lotion Palio Cigar Cutter Regal Triplex Torch Lighter
Palio Cigar Cutter
List Price: $59.99
100 ml Lotion Precision

Meticulously crafted for ultimate precision. Palio is the ideal complement to your finest hand-rolled cigars. With Palio, you can be sure that even the most valuable cigars in your collection will be prepared to your exacting specifications.

The Palio Cutter Offers:
  • Remarkable sharpness compared to other leading cutters
  • Ergonomic design for a smooth, effortless cut
  • Contoured cigar holder for convenience
  • Detent position for safety
  • Large cutter opening

From subtle and sophisticated to bold and brash, there is a Palio style to suit every aficionado.

Solid colours, unique prints, and touchable textures create an exciting and impactful presentation.

Super value in this elegant tri-torch lighter!
Perdomo Double Aged 12 Year Vintage Connecticut Robusto Lotus CEO Triple Flame Torch Lighter Chicago Comb
Lotus CEO Torch Lighter
List Price: $69.95
One of, if not the most impressive Connecticut cigar we have had at Baracoa!

Length: 5", Ring: 56, Strength: Mild-Medium
The Lotus CEO is a triple flame lighter with a convenient triple slide ignition button with rubber grips allows you to light your cigar in seconds.  Not only is the CEO quick and precise, it has a built-in 7mm cigar punch, a slide fuel level gauge, and a large flame adjuster to be able to light your cigar anywhere.  This sleek wind-resistant torch flame comes in a Lotus box perfect for gifting to the cigar enthusiast. Model No. 1 Mirror with Sheath
Lotus Jaws Cutter Stinky Cone Floor Ashtray Curivari Buenaventura Petit
Lotus Jaws Cutter
List Price: $49.95
Stinky Cone Floor Ashtray
List Price: $80.00 SOLD ONLY IN STORE
  • Sharp serrated blades
  • 62 Ring gauge
  • Double action stainless steel blades
  • All metal housing
Choose a colour upon purchase.
THIS ITEM IS ONLY SOLD IN STORE Length: 4 1/4", Ring: 54, Strength: Medium


Cigar Star Cowhide Leather Cigar Case

more info
List Price: $250.00
Cigar Star Cowhide Leather Cigar Case
Genuine Cow-hide leather Cigar Case for 5-6 cigars, pouches to hold your cutter, lighter, cigar rest, business/credit cards. Even a pouch for your cell phone. Luxury and style collide.

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