In the heart of Old South London - 173 Wharncliffe Rd South. Click HERE for Map.

Welcome to Baracoa Tobacconist...

We are London Ontario's premiere destination for fine cigars, pipe and specialty tobacco, pipes, humidors and related accessories.

As an Ontario Certified Tobacconist our products are on full display allowing for the appropriate environment to purchase fine tobaccco. Cigars should be observed, inspected and admired. Our name is Cuban inspired but our inventory encompasses a great selection from other countries as well.

With the launch of our new e commerce website, Baracoa can now serve those of you not able to visit the store by ordering accessories and non tobacco products online. You'll be confident in purchasing from an established brick and mortar operation and member of the Better Business Bureau.

At Baracoa we take pride in providing professional service and advice. You will always have a friendly and interested ear when you call or email us. We are here for one reason, to make your buying experience whether in person or online the best it can be.