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CAO Bella Vanilla CAO Moontrance CAO Maduro L'Anniversaire Robusto CAO Pilon Corona
CAO Bella Vanilla
List Price: $12.99
CAO Moontrance
List Price: $12.99
CAO Pilon Robusto
List Price: $17.99
Length: 4
Ring: 40
Length: 4
Ring: 40
Length: 5, Ring: 50, Strength: Medium
Length: 5.5", Ring: 44, Strength: Medium
CAO Flathead Camshaft CAO BX3 Robusto CAO MX2 Toro CAO Flathead 660 Carb
CAO Flathead Camshaft
List Price: $19.99
CAO BX3 Robusto
List Price: $19.99
CAO MX2 Toro
List Price: $20.50
CAO Flathead 660 Carb
List Price: $25.75
Length: 5 1/2", Ring: 54, Strength: Full
Length: 5" Ring: 52, Strength: Full Length: 6", Ring: 54. Strength: Full.

Length: 6", Ring: 60, Strength: Full
CAO Flathead Big Block CAO Amazon Basin CAO MX2 Daggers- Tin of 5 CAO World Sampler - 4pack
CAO Flathead Big Block
List Price: $31.99
CAO Amazon Basin
List Price: $35.99
CAO MX2 Daggers- Tin of 5
List Price: $54.50
CAO World Sampler - 4pack
List Price: $68.50
Length: 7", Ring: 70, Strength: Full Length: 6", Ring: 52, Strength: Full A medium, Corto sized cigar. A premium cigar that is packed with bold flavours, will give you 20 minutes of pure bliss. Travel around the world with this sampler from CAO.