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Flor de Copan cigars are hand rolled in Santa Rosa de Copan close to the border with Guatemala and Salvador - exactly where the Mayas used to cultivate tobacco many centuries ago. The tobacco seed used for the cigar was imported to Honduras in 1962 from the Cuban Vuelta Abajo region. This Havanna seed is cultivated in the regions El Paraiso, Santa Rosa de Copan and Santa Barbara. The taste is an exquisite balance between the mildness of the Dominicans and the fullness of the Cubans: rich, nutty and creamy.
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Flor de Copan Rothchild Flor de Copan Churchill
Flor de Copan Rothchild
List Price: $17.50
Flor de Copan Churchill
List Price: $21.75
Ring: 50, Length: 7", Strength: Mild