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BARACOA “HUMIDOR Seasoning” Instructions

1.Place 4-6 (depending on size of humidor) shot glasses with water in the bottom of your humidor. This is a safe and less invasive alternative to wiping down the inside of your humidor with a damp cloth.

2.Fill the humidifier(s) with solution or distilled water. Do not overfill it and make sure to shake off any excess water on the top. Place it in the humidor. If your humidor has a glass lid rest your humidifier flat or on it’s side on one end of the humidor. If you have a cedar wood divider use it as a barrier between the humidifier and your cigars, but don’t rest it flush against the divider as you do not want to impede the moisture that it emits.

3.Affix the calibrated hygrometer inside the humidor lid if it is not an attached exterior one. Do not place the hygrometer too close to the humidifier.

4.Check the humidity reading on your humidor daily. You want to achieve a higher humidity reading in the 75-80 range during the seasoning stage. After the 5-7 day seasoning period take out the shot glasses (leave humidifier in). Wait a day and check humidity reading.

You should land just around 70% range. The wood has been properly stabilized.

This number is considered ideal for proper cigar storage, your temperature no higher than 72F/22C. A range of between 65-72%is also acceptable.

****Note: Seasoning takes approximately 5-7 days. (7 days for large humidors/5days for smaller) ****

Ongoing Maintenance

After the seasoning process the rest is very basic. Check your hygrometer at least once every couple weeks. Note the figure, if the number is below 65% you will need to charge (fill) your humidifier with solution or distilled water. Wait 24 hours and check your hygrometer, the reading should have adjusted upward back to the 65-72% range. Average intervals in between charging: usually 3-4 weeks.

Calibrating your analog hygrometer (optional)

Before beginning, check what type of hygrometer you have. If it is a digital, it does not need to be calibrated. Most analogs are accurate but if you believe yours needs calibration please follow these steps:

1.Place a teaspoon of table salt in a plastic dish and add just enough water to make it damp.

2.Place the dish in a zip lock plastic bag and place the hygrometer next to it. Take care not to spill any water on your hygrometer.

3.Seal the plastic bag with some air trapped inside, and allow it to sit for at least 6 hours.

4. After the time has elapsed, the hygrometer should read 75% humidity. Some hygrometers have a small screw on the back that will allow you to adjust the reading if it is incorrect. If yours does not, make a note of the deviation.