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Can't decide?? Baracoa is now offering 5 pack samplers of our choice at a great price!

**Note if you are coming to the store to buy please ask your sales associate which sampler you desire
and one will be prepared for you. **

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"B" (Bold) Sampler Baracoa's Choice "M" (Mild) Sampler Baracoa's Choice Ultimate 12 Cigar (Bundle Cigar) Sampler
"B" (Bold) Sampler Baracoa's Choice
List Price: $131.50
New Sale Price: $118.50
YOU SAVE: $13.00
"M" (Mild) Sampler Baracoa's Choice
List Price: $128.00
New Sale Price: $115.00
YOU SAVE: $13.00
Ultimate 12 Cigar (Bundle Cigar) Sampler
List Price: $95.00
New Sale Price: $90.00
YOU SAVE: $5.00
"B" 5 Cigar Sampler is a sample pack for the experienced cigar smoker. The aficionado who enjoys bold flavours and a nicotine kick!

This Sampler Includes:

1x Joya Antano Machito (Nicaragua)
1x Crowned Heads La Imperiosa Dukes (Nicaragua)
1x A.J Fernandez Bellas Artes Robusto Extra (Nicaragua)
1x Ashton VSG Sorcerer (Dominican Rep.)
1x EPC Pledge Sojourn (Dominican Rep.)

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"M" 5 Cigar Sampler. A mild premium cigar sampler for those who wish to smoke mild-medium cigars. For those who enjoy low nicotine cigars or those who are new to cigar smoking will enjoy this curated sampler!

This Sampler Includes:

1x Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Fuente Natural (Dominican Rep.)
1x Indian Motorcycle Shade Toro (Dominican Rep.)
1x NUB Cameroon (Nicaragua)
1x Ashton Classic Corona (Dominican Rep.)
1x Aladino Cameroon Robusto (Honduras)
Save when you buy this sampler.

The Ultimate Cigar Sampler comes loaded with 12 cigars ranging from mild-medium bodied sticks. Designed for the everyday cigar smoker who likes variety! Each cigar retails for under $10.


1x Arista Picadura Torpedo Habano or Maduro (Nicaragua)
1x Tatascan Red Label Habano Toro (Honduras)
1x Punch London Club Maduro or Natural (Honduras)
1x Quorum Shade Churchill (Nicaragua)
1x Quorum Classic Churchill (Nicaragua)
1x Hugo Cassar Diamond Label Robusto (Nicaragua)
1x Flor Isla Habana Pyramid (Philippines)
1x Azan Burgundy Short Campana (Nicaragua)
1x House of Horavath Black Label Robusto (Nicaragua)
1x House of Horvath Red Label Churchill (Dominican Rep.)
1x Principes Natural Corona (Dominican Rep.)
1x Alec Bradley Spirit of Cuba Habano Torpedo (Nicaragua)